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When developing WordPress themes for a site with a large amount of posts, how can I dynamically pull existing post data from the live version of the site onto my testing site? I already know about WordPress's export feature, but that's one-and-done, not dynamically queried.

  1. Plan A:
    • Proposed Solution:
      • Create read-only user in live site's database
      • PRECAUTION: change test site's prefix from "wp_" to "test_"
    • Problems:
      • Settings (like current theme) on test site cannot be changed, thanks to read-only user
      • No posts found in "test_posts", even though I'd like it to search "wp_posts"

Is there an easier way or existing solution to avoid rewriting WordPress system files on the test site? I'd really rather not rewrite WordPress's database interface...

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just duplicate the DB, re-name and call DB in wp-config!

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