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In my answer to this question, I was surprised that the following code doesn't work.

scala> abstract class Foo {
     |  type Repr_Tpe <% Ordered[Repr_Tpe]
     | }

<console>:2: error: `=', `>:', or `<:' expected

The OP says that replacing the abstract type with a type parameter isn't an option. Is there any way to express a view bound for an abstract type?

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There certainly is. A view bound A <% B on a type parameter is just sugar for "an implicit value parameter with type A => B". What you want, then, is to say that:

abstract class Foo {
    type Repr_Tpe
    implicit def orderify: (Repr_Tpe => Ordered[Repr_Tpe])

Of course implementations will have to provide an actual implementation of orderify at the same time they specify the type. Probably something like

class Bar extends Foo {
    type Repr_Tpe = Int
    val orderify = implicitly[Int => Ordered[Int]]


class Baz[A <% Ordered[A]] extends Foo {
    type Repr_Tpe = A
    val orderify = implicitly[A => Ordered[A]]
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This example works, but I'm not sure why. Why don't the implicitly statements in Bar and Baz resolve to Foo.orderify? – leedm777 Feb 29 '12 at 3:48
It's because local scope (which for these two subclasses includes either the implicit evidence$1 or the implicitly imported Predef.intWrapper) is considered more specific than the inherited orderify. – RM. Feb 29 '12 at 21:10
Actually no, I'm wrong about that. The imported intWrapper shouldn't be more specific than orderify. The compiler is deliberately excluding orderify from the search while redefining it, which I guess makes sense but I don't see how that proceeds from the spec. – RM. Feb 29 '12 at 21:25

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