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Is there an alternative to the usual Excel VBA Editor, which is accessible using Alt+F11 in Excel?

I prefer the Visual Studio IDE, such as for when I develop in C#. An example of its deficiencies for me includes the simple fact that there is no keyboard shortcut to stop the debug process, although I feel that there are other issues with the Excel VBA editor as well.

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.NET (Visual Studio, C#, etc.) was a fresh start for Microsoft into which they poured everything they had learnt from earlier products. So the VB.NET editor is better than the C# editor is better than any of the VBA editors and I doubt this will change. –  Tony Dallimore Feb 27 '12 at 17:57
You could just develop for Office in Visual Studio and continue using C#. –  Jesse Feb 27 '12 at 18:45
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You might consider using VB.NET instead of VBA for your Excel development. Excel-DNA (which I develop) is an open source framework for integrating .NET in Excel, which tries to make the VBA to .NET conversion as easy as possible.

Then you can use any editor for the VB.NET (or C#) code, including the Visual Studio Express editions or SharpDevelop.

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There is a beta version of a product under development at http://www.slyce.com. It is currently called VScript. It is worth keeping an eye on, particularly for someone with your requirements.

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