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Can I use the Auth application's permission checking inside a template in Django? (I want to display a simple form at the end of the template for privileged users)

And more importantly, should I do it at all or is this no the "Django way"?

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If you are looking to check for permissions in templates, the following code would suffice:

{% if perms.app_label.can_do_something %}
<form here>
{% endif %}

Where model refers to the model that the user need permissions to see the form for.

Refer to for more examples.

The currently logged-in user's permissions are stored in the template variable {{ perms }}

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For people like me, who stumble upon this later, the link for Django 1.5 was changed slightly. The information can now be found in the docs at this url:

Nothing in the original answer really changed, but this is just a new url :)

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This link will stay up to date with their dev branch –  Luke Sapan Feb 10 '14 at 20:01

If you need more granularity in checking perms (on a particular object for example), check out this extension:

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