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I'm using JChart2D for trace a values of a double array. I'm using ZoomableChart and I want get coordinates (x, y) of cursor when this stay over ZoomableChart in my code to show them in a JLabel and draw a vertical line.

  • How can I get the coordinates of the cursor?
  • How can I draw this line?
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"and draw a vertical line. " Do you want the line to appear over the chart? –  Andrew Thompson Feb 27 '12 at 19:11

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To get a point is easy. Add a MouseMotionListener to the ZoomableChart.

I'm guessing you want this information to represent a point in the data in the chart, rather than in the potentially zoomed ZoomableChart component itself. For that you'll need to look to something like (trawling through the docs for a class I heard of 'today'..) Chart2D.getPointFinder(), the finder apparently offers getNearestPoint(MouseEvent,Chart2D) to map a MouseEvent back to the underlying structure.

Go for it! :)

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Do you want to link to the JavaDocs for the method in question, or is hitting Google merely part of the 'fun' of helping you? Also, I asked you a question in a comment. Since this is not a help desk, and I am not your paid servant, could you pretend like this is a technical site and answer my question? Also, feel free to drop the leading upside down '?' for sentences. It is not used in English. (I admire people's efforts to communicate with me in the only language I know, but it helps if they use the common way of writing it.) –  Andrew Thompson Feb 28 '12 at 12:26

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