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I want to check if the text in A3 matches the text in any other cells in range A5:A50.

If it does I want to copy the contents of the Y cell (with the same row number as the a cell that matched A3) into the next free cell in the A column in a sheet called results. It needs to also keep the cell colour when it copies the Y cell.

All I could get was putting this in the destination cell

= VLOOKUP(Sheet1!A3, Sheet1$A$5:$Y50, 25, TRUE) 

That doesn't work as I need to run it over multiple sheets all with different names.

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with activesheet
   for each c in .range("A5:A50").cells
      if c.value = .range("A3").value then
         c.offset(0,24).copy _
      end if
   next c
end with
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You can employ a dynamic 3d-Vlookup technique by listing the sheetnames to search in a list somewhere, naming that range of cells MySheets and then use a construct like this:

=VLOOKUP(A3, INDIRECT("'" & INDEX(MySheets, MATCH(1, COUNTIF(INDIRECT("'" & MySheets &"'!A1:A50"), A3), 0)) & "'!A:B"), 2, 0)

There's a sample workbook on my site demonstrating this.

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