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We're looking for a .NET component for HTML editing in WinForms. I've seen this post, and that's kind of what we're using now, but it's pretty old and crufty, I'm looking for a cleaner solution. I don't really have the time (or right now, the inclination) to write our own from scratch...and am hoping there's a commercial/free solution out there. I've looked at the Netrix Component and am not overly impressed there anything else out there?

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Hm, I'm fine w/ closing as off-topic, is there a place to go to ask for component recommendations like this one? – Jonas Sep 2 '14 at 21:01

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There's the ModelText HTML Control, an HTML editor for Winforms, written as managed code which doesn't use interop to an unmanaged browser.

(Disclaimer: I wrote it).

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+1 for the disclaimer! – Walter Jul 9 '10 at 0:24

There is a pretty decent free one at...

It has limitations...but then is free. I have used this control for a couple of non-commercial applications.


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This is actually the one we're using now (albeit very very very heavily modified) :) – Jonas Jun 3 '09 at 21:24
I did read your link to that post...but it seemed like a different control. The namespace for the one I referenced is Microsoft.MicrosoftConsultingService.HTMLEditorControl. or something like that and that code sample is referencing WebControl rather than HTMLEditorControl. Anyway sorry for the misdirect. I think to get better than that one your gonna have to cough up some dough. Good Luck. Seth – Seth Spearman Jun 4 '09 at 1:16
The hyperlink in your answer doesn't work anymore. – ChrisW Nov 14 '12 at 15:26

You may try .NET Win HTML Editor Control from SpiceLogic, it is not free, but highly featured. You can look into their page and screenshots and see if that will suit your need.

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I love xstandard myself. Not cheap, but damned good for everything I have used it for.

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