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I have a database where a field (plate) has values like ABC123, ABB-123, ... Some users enter a - in between, some don't.

Now I'm building a search function where the user can perform a search, for example 'ABB123' which the search function transform to plate LIKE 'ABB123' but I would like that this search returns 'ABB-123' in this case.

Has someone any idea how to pull this off?

Note: database is InnoDB, so full-text search isn't possible. Since each user has his own database, I'm not planning to use a third-party search server either.

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I'm thinking about using a second field like plate_normalised which does not contain any - signs but I'll rather avoid adding fields, because I face this problem with different fields (phone number, etc.) –  Casper Feb 27 '12 at 19:31

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Can you search for both instances?

plate = 'ABB123' OR plate = 'ABB-123'

Or if the format of plate is rather consistent, could you do something like

plate LIKE 'ABB%123'

That would get both instances.

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