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I created a Plug-in for friends and it works perfectly on my website. But, whenever I post it on another server, it doesn't work. When the page is loaded, it goes through all of the steps of the function loadBox() but, it fails to load the PHP page inside of the <div>. It just keeps the .gif running. Please help. This is really annoying. Here's what we're posting to get the plug-in:

<div id="ferridev_twitter_box" load_type="personal" twitter_name="jpferrierjr" tweet_number="15" tone="dark"></div>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

The jquery.js file is just a standard jQuery file. But, the ferridev_twitter_plug-in.js is the one that I made. It's contents look like this:

    function loadBox()
        $('#ferridev_twitter_box').html("<div style='height:400px; width:300px; padding-top:167px; text-align:center;'><center><span style='position:relative;'><img src='' /></span></center></div>");
        var a = $('#ferridev_twitter_box').attr("twitter_name");
        var b = $('#ferridev_twitter_box').attr("tweet_number");
        var c = $('#ferridev_twitter_box').attr("tone");
        var d = window.location;
        var e = $('#ferridev_twitter_box').attr("load_type");

Is ther anything that you guys can see wrong with this? Thanks!

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Its not impossible, you could use jsonp to set up a universal web service like that, BUT cross domain javascript is difficult due to browser security.

JQuery Cross-Domain .load() (self-constructing widget)

This may work for you:

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Cross-domain policy restriction. You're trying to do an ajax request to another server.


Check out these examples of cross-domain ajax:

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