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I've one site hosted on vps (debian 5.0). I noticed that after 100 rps(requests per second) memcache(1.4.2) being slow and that's why the site being response very slow. I use nginx + php5-fpm(php - 5.3.8), use pecl memcache module, mysql 5.1.85. Also I use apc to cache php opcode. pecl memcache settings :

; configuration for php memcache module



But also I noticed when I moved memcache functionality to apc, it's still acting weird and mysql being slow (after some requests per second - about 150-200)instead of memcache. I tried to use also pecl memcached module but that's not fixed problem.

Maybe I reach some vps internal limit ?

Any thought ?

Anyone faced with that problem ? The main page of the site generated for 80 msec, but when I send 5 simultaneous it's started to render for 180 msec.

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I think this would belong better on ServerFault –  bhamby Feb 27 '12 at 22:07

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