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hi at all ,I've this code :

+(NSArray *)splatterUrls
    NSString *jsonString = [ ApiMethod jsonOfStores];
    NSDictionary *results =[jsonString objectFromJSONString];
    NSArray *movieArray = [results objectForKey:@"Seasons"];
    //int i=0;
    // Search for year to match
    for (NSDictionary *movie in movieArray)

        NSNumber *idSplatterMovie = [movie objectForKey:@"Id"];
        // NSLog(@" %@", idSplatterMovie );
        NSArray *try = [movie objectForKey:@"Episodes"];
        // NSLog(@"%@", try);
        for (NSDictionary *op in try) 

            if([idSplatterMovie integerValue] == 46)
                NSArray *movieArrayString = [op objectForKey:@"Url"];
              // NSLog(@" %@", movieArrayString); 
                return movieArrayString;

I want to return movieArrayString with all his objects and how many object contains in it. I think that I should use this method : + (id)arrayWithObjects:(const id *)objects count:(NSUInteger)count. It's possible? If yes, can you tell me how can use it?

Thank you so much!

by the way , i have to call splatterUrls method and implement in home.m that it is :

- (void)viewDidLoad
    [super viewDidLoad];
   NSArray *urlSplatter= [GetSplatterUrlsMovie splatterUrls];
    NSLog(@" %@", urlSplatter);

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Looks good as it is to me.

Do this to return your movies array, array will be equal to your movies array:

NSArray *array = [self splatterUrls];

Then to get the count/number of objects in your array do this, i is equal to the number of objects in the array:

int i = [array count];

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where i put NSArray *array = [self splatterUrls]; ? and how can i return count if there is only NSArray as method? – M_Nil Mar 1 '12 at 21:00
Im sorry, you'll have to explain what you want to do more. The method you posted returns an NSArray and and so you can then access that returned result by calling something like NSArray *array = [self splatterUrls]; It will give you an array equal to what your method returns. If you just need to get the number of objects (the count) of any array then you simply use [nameOfYourArray count]. – Josh Kahane Mar 1 '12 at 21:13
ok, when it calling the class that I wrote over( (NSArray *)urlSplatter ), I have to call: - (void) viewDidLoad for see the NSLog result . The problem is that I see only a value in ` NSLog ` . but I saved more values in my array and i can't see all values , do you now understand? – M_Nil Mar 2 '12 at 12:53

What is the problem ?? You return a NSarray ... call the method count on your NSarray object!

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yes but when i call this method he return me just 1 link and not 5 links . i need all links! – M_Nil Mar 1 '12 at 20:58

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