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I'm using iOS 5.0.1, and Sencha Touch 2-rc1. I have a search input field where the focus event is getting triggered, as well as the submit event when I press 'Search' on the on-screen keyboard. The blur event doesn't get triggered when I expect it to, which would be when the 'Done' key is pressed, or the viewable area is tapped.

Note that the blur event IS getting triggered on my laptop in Chrome.

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This is likely to be related to the event not "bubbling" up through the DOM. Or perhaps the code you've used includes an event.preventDefault(), but that would have killed more than just blur. I've also had this issue with clicking away from items which appear via javascript.

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I was developing some mobile web application also. Same thing happened on me. After some try and error, found out that not every element is focusable. At least <div> is not.

Therefore, the onblur is not firing because when a user tap on div element, the focus doesn't go to the <div>.

However, base on this post

it can make a div focusable and my application is fine now.

p.s: you must add the tabindex at the correct div element.

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