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I am having a problem when I uploading a CSV file to MySQL. I want to update the data that is present. Here is some example CSV content:


In my MySQL database I have:


When I upload the CSV file to my MySQL database I want to update the data instead of adding new data. I use PHPMyAdmin to upload the CSV file.

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Directly you can't update.

First you need to import data in a temp table. Then compare main table data with temp table data and update using update join query.

Step 1) Create another table to use for the import

CREATE TABLE temp_table_import LIKE name_maintable;

Step 2) Perform the import into temp_table_import

LOAD DATA INFILE 'somefile.csv' INTO TABLE temp_table_import ...

Step 3) Perform an UPDATE JOIN

UPDATE name_maintable A
INNER JOIN temp_table_import B USING (id)
SET A.columnname= B.columnname;
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You can you REPLACE keyword with LOAD DATA for more detail click here

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UPDATE name_maintable B
INNER JOIN temp_table_import A USING (id)
SET A.columnname= B.columnname;

The last line should read

SET B.columnname= A.columnname;

as you want to update table B not table A

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