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I have ajax code that changes the width of a div depending on the percent received and then loops the function again. The way I have it setup now works flawlessly in google chrome and FF but in IE8 (only IE i've tested it on) it freezes on the

Here is a screen shot of the debugger. Its showing where it was currently processing and it never left that spot ever. I've changes the timeout to 1000 and 1 didn't make difference.

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onSubmit is supposed to be hooked up to a form. –  Diodeus Feb 27 '12 at 21:43

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onSubmit is an event handler, and you're only delaying the function by 1ms, my guess is that Chrome & FF are ignoring this code, and IE is failing on it because IE is stupid.

EDIT oh yah, IE doesn't bubble onSubmit like everybody else because IE is stupid.

EDIT2 whole code for OP here: http://pastebin.com/t8vdK8B2

apparently onSubmit is the name of a function in this code, it is also an event handler. Since functions are not polymorphic this should overwrite, but since it's an event handler I'm not sure.

Edit 3

Ok, so this onSubmit function should work and leave the event handler alone, but I suggest changing this functions name, what it looks like you're doing is trying to pass a variable to the function within a setTimeout you can do that like this:

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lol Sorry I think I chose a bad name for my function. Here is the whole code. pastebin.com/t8vdK8B2 –  Garrett R Feb 27 '12 at 21:50

The onSubmit event doesn't bubble up in IE so you need to add the on submit event to the form directly. E.g:

setTimeout(function(){document.getElementById("formToSubmit").onSubmit(upload_id); }, 1);

Here are details of browsers support of the submit event.

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