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I am using SSMS 2008 and I have create a dataset with an sproc that returns many records. There is a date column however that can have the same value within this dataset. Now what I want to do is filter these records to only include the latest data from this dataset. How do I do this in T-SQL? (I only want to see the 2/5 records below).

For example:

col A     col B     col C
AAAAAA    BBBBBB    2/5/2012
AAAAA2    BBBBB2    2/5/2012
AAAAA3    BBBBB3    2/1/2012
AAAAA4    BBBBB4    1/25/2012
AAAAA5    BBBBB5    1/25/2012
AAAAA6    BBBBB6    1/10/2012

I tried your solutoin Andreas, but I am getting the error now:

Msg 102, Level 15, State 1, Line 74 Incorrect syntax near ')'.

Here is a code snippet:

select *
from (
    select *, row_number() over(partition by [test_details_answers_expanded_view].[actual_date] 
    order by [test_details_answers_expanded_view].[actual_date] desc) rowno
JOIN [evolv_reports].[dbo].[test_header_rv] ON A.[event_log_id] = [test_header_rv].[event_log_id]
CROSS APPLY [dbo].[fn_getTestSetupFormDetails](null, [test_header_rv].[test_setup_header_id]) AS [test_header]
CROSS APPLY [dbo].[fn_getTestSetupFormDetails]([test_header].[test_setup_details_id], null) AS [test_details]
JOIN [evolv_reports].[dbo].[test_details_answers_expanded_view] ON
        [test_header_rv].[test_header_id] = [test_details_answers_expanded_view].[test_header_id]
    AND [test_details].[test_setup_details_id] = [test_details_answers_expanded_view].[test_setup_details_id]
(@TestHeaderCode Is Null OR [test_header].[test_header_code] = @TestHeaderCode)
   AND (@TestHeaderID Is Null OR [test_header_rv].[test_header_id] = @TestHeaderID)
) t
where rowno = 1

Can you tell what I did wrong here?

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Here's an example using row_number:

select *
from (
    select *, row_number() over(partition by [col c] order by [col c] desc) rowno
    from table
) t
where rowno = 1
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Yes, but if I use the TOP statement, don't I need to know the number of records for it to select? I want this to be a dynamic solution, where it will select the latest records regardless of the number of rows it is. – salvationishere Feb 27 '12 at 22:11
@salvationishere Misunderstood your question, please see my updated answer. – Andreas Ågren Feb 27 '12 at 22:24
Andreas, can u check my revised description please? – salvationishere Feb 27 '12 at 22:35
@salvationishere You are just missing a paranthesis, on the row where you have ) t, add ) t2, i.e. after the alias t but before the where-statement. – Andreas Ågren Feb 28 '12 at 7:15

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