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I'm running IIS 6.1 and I am attempting to upload a file through the browser. I'm running into issues when I upload large files. After doing some digging around, I know I have to edit the AspMaxRequestEntityAllowed parameter in the metabase.xml file, however that parameter is not set to begin with.

When I attempt to upload a file, I get the following erorr:

request object error asp 0104 : 800004005


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Use adsutil.vbs to set the AspMaxRequestEntityAllowed parameter from a command prompt:

cscript adsutil.vbs set w3svc/ASPMaxRequestEntityAllowed 2048000

sets the value to 2MB

adsutil.vbs is located in C:\inetpub\adminscripts

Be sure to give the account running the Application Pool write permissions on the directory you're trying to write to. If I remember correctly, the default AppPool account in IIS6 is NETWORK SERVICE

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Thanks for your prompt response. That did the trick, but now I'm getting a 800a0046 Permission denied error –  Parth Gajaria Feb 27 '12 at 22:33
You need to give the account write permission on the directory you uplaod to... updated answer –  Mathias R. Jessen Feb 27 '12 at 22:38
Changing the directory permissions did the trick. Thanks so much for your help! –  Parth Gajaria Feb 27 '12 at 23:00

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