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I'm trying to run a Jetty Server that can have a number of people connect to the server and see a list of print outs. I want everybody who connects to see the same values printed out.

For instance, if I have a single list keeping track of the time and I want 5 or so people to be able to go to my website (e.g. localhost:8080/time) and have them all see what time it is every 30 seconds, how would i set that up?

What I have:

  • I am using Jetty.
  • I created a single server bound to port 8080.
  • I created my own handler that extends AbstractHandler
    • this writes to the screen saying when an event has transpired (i.e. 30 seconds have passed)
  • If two people connect to this page, they each see a print out every minute (that is it switches back and forth letting each person know when every other event has transpired)
  • If 3 people connect, only two can stay connected and the third just spins getting no output to the screen

I have not set up an Connectors of my own since my attempts to do so have been unsuccessful and i'm not sure how I understand if that is the solution to my problem.

Any help would be much appreciated and if anybody has some idea but needs some clarification on what I am doing I would be glad to give more details.


Handler code:

public void handle(String target, Request request, HttpServletRequest httpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse httpServletResponse) throws IOException, ServletException



while (true) {

    synchronized(Main.list) {
         while (!Main.list.isEmpty()) {
              Double time = Main.list.get(0);
              httpServletResponse.getWriter().println("<h1>The time now is " + time + "</h1>"); 
         try {
         } catch (InterruptedException e) {


So the list object is a static ArrayList defined in the Main class that I wake up (i.e. notify) every 30 seconds. Hopefully this helps someone understand more what I am talking about as i'm not sure what I could change in the handler...

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I think you need to post some code. You shouldn't need to play with connectors - you problem is almost certainly in the way you've set up your handler, but your description doesn't give us enough to work from. –  Tim Feb 28 '12 at 13:03
@Tim I just edited the question to include the handler code. if it gives you any ideas please let me know, thanks for taking the time to look at it! –  abroad Feb 28 '12 at 13:57

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How are you feeding clients into your handler? Browsers have limits to the number of connections are made to to a particular host, perhaps your seeing that.

there is nothing intrinsically wrong that handler code aside from it being a generally odd thing to see in a handler

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