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I am confused, regarding deploy application on Heroku.

When I deployed my rails 3.0 it is working fine. It is not asking me for trusted certification but same application I converted with rails 3.2.1 and deployed on Heroku, by default it is access with https, so every time I have to hit on "Untrusted and I know the rick" button.

I didn't wrote any type of code related to ssl.

here is the difference,

heroku create - rails 3

heroku create --stack cedar - rails 3.2.1

Because of stack cedar it is use protocal https?

Please guide me

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In Rails 3.2.1, by default force_ssl is true, so first you need to make it false. Here is the step

  1. Open config/environments/production.rb and search "config.force_ssl"

  2. config.force_ssl = true, change true to false, so now it is looks like config.force_ssl = false

and deploy on Heroku, it will works surely.

Here are the few steps for deploying on heroku immediately. [I am assuming that you are using git]

git add . git commit -m "change true to false for config.force_ssl in config/environments/production.rb" git push git push heroku

and refresh the page, it should work.

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Thanks for your Help, Amit –  user1224512 Feb 27 '12 at 23:38

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