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I am trying to do the following serach

As You will be able to see I am fullsearching a number of different rows from different tables.

  group_concat(offer ORDER BY offer_value DESC SEPARATOR ',') as offers, 
  group_concat(offer_value ORDER BY offer_value DESC) as offer_value, 
  MATCH (approved_business.tradingname,business_stores.suburb) AGAINST ('lol') AS score 
FROM approved_business, business_stores, Real_Cash_Offers 
WHERE = business_stores.business_id 
  AND Real_Cash_Offers.business_id = 
  AND Real_Cash_Offers.storeid = business_stores.storeid 
  AND MATCH (approved_business.tradingname,business_stores.suburb) AGAINST ('lol') 
GROUP BY id ORDER BY offer_value DESC

The issue I am having is the following

Incorrect arguments to MATCH

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@adlawson: Your personal opinion on MySQL is irrelevant and non-constructive in this post. He wants to use MySQL, and it can do it well when configured properly. Answering a question like this is not helping at all and is condescending. Please don't do that. – Yanick Girouard Feb 28 '12 at 1:57

All columns in MATCH (...) must be from the same table.

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