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I have a jax-ws client configured via spring to hit a remote https web service. The first time I call my client to talk to the server the whole communication is successful. The second time I call my service to talk to the remote web service, I see the outbound soap message in my log but then I get Could not send Message and Caused by: SocketTimeoutException. If I manually copy and paste the outbound soap message to soap-ui - I get a response from the service quickly and I know the soap message is valid/the server is responding. If I restart my app the first call to the remote web service works again but subsequent calls fail. I am thinking perhaps this is a configuration issue on my part? my client is very basic and looks like this:

    <jaxws:client id="xxClient" 
       serviceClass="com.fake.{path to web service}"
       address="https address here">

        <ref bean="wss4jOut"/>

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This ended up being non-reproducible on test/dev servers. something must have been off with my local machine. I was using cxf minimal bundle 2.5.2.

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