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I have set the sessions into rows.

<div class="container" id="session1">
  <div class="row session">
    <div class="fourcol">
        <h2>Session 3:</h2>

     <div class="fourcol last">
         <p> Information about session </p>


I have many of these sessions and need a way to highlight that you are reading session 1. I would like to add a .selected class to <h2 class="selected">Session 3:</h2> as you scroll past it.

I'm hoping this will also add the .selected class if there are any incoming anchor links. to /sessions#session1 because it would have to 'scroll' to that position

Any help would be great. Thanks.

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I would recommend a look at jQuery Waypoints, it's got exactly what you're looking for, and it's easy to use.

Here's an example I made, where I add the .selected class when an element is scrolled into the viewport using jQuery Waypoints.

You can of course do it yourself as well, but you'd be doing the same thing Waypoint is already doing.
First use the .scroll event on either document or a desired element to capture particular event you want.


Then use .scrollTop to check where you are, and add "boundaries" your elements have to be within, based on the viewport, ie, the window.

    var bound_top = $(this).scrollTop(),
        bound_bottom = bound_top + $(window).height();

Then check each header/section element to see if they are within those boundaries

    var bound_top = $(this).scrollTop(),
        bound_bottom = bound_top + $(window).height();

            $(this).position().top >= bound_top &&
            $(this).position().top + $(this).outerHeight() <= bound_bottom

It would look a little something like in this example I made.

This approach lets you do things exactly the way you want them.
jQuery Waypoints is a good and fast alternative.

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Thanks so much ShadowScripter. I didn't know about waypoints, I wouldn't know how to implement either so thanks for showing me. Thanks again! – uriah Feb 29 '12 at 7:10

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