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I'm trying to set up a menu in my cocos2d game and whenever I import Game.h I end up with over 200 errors.

It's a cocos2d app with box2d, I'm not sure why it's throwing all these errors though- the game was running perfectly before I swapped loading the Game scene for the MainMenu scene initially. The line of code I'm running is

[[CCDirector sharedDirector] replaceScene: [Game node]];

The import of 'Game' causes the errors. Can anyone give me an idea about this?

Some information that may be helpful... I originally created the project loading into Game.m but switched it to MainMenu and then import Game.h into MainMenu to access the object.

ANY insight is appreciated! Thank you!

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What errors does it throw? –  ArturoVM Feb 28 '12 at 0:50

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You didn't paste the specific errors but this sound like a circular dependancy problem.

My guess is that you have to forward declare Game class where you use it.

Try to add

@class Game;

at the beginning of MainMenu.h.

If my guess is correct you are actually importing MainMenu.h from Game.h too, that's why the error occurs.

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Thanks Jack! Forwarding Game seemed to work! Although I wasn't importing MainMenu.h from Game.h- weird. Anyways, I'm wondering if you could help eliminate a warning that's showing now saying that "Receiver Game is a forward class and corresponding @interface may not exist" –  Lagoo87 Feb 28 '12 at 1:19

you need to import Game.h somewhere; the @class declaration will fix circular dependencies but is not a replacement for an import. be sure your game's header is included on the .m or elsewhere that you are actually working with the Game class

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