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I am looking for an c# object cache library that can implement the following patterns:

  • the cache is used to cache objects of a certain type T that have a primary key. Example: a Person class (with first name, last name etc) and the key is PersonId
  • the cache can store an unlimited # of keys. The keys are of type int or long.
  • the cache, however, can store only a limited # of objects of type T. T objects take a lot of memory and I can't have lots of these objects in the cache at a time.
  • on overflow the cache can serialize the objects to a database or file etc. (fast medium) but the cache would still keep around the keys.

I basically need to process more T objects than I can keep in the memory and I want to use the cache to retrieve them quickly before I save the results to the database.

So, I was thinking of using the Proxy pattern and have the cache store proxy objects that can get/serialize my real objects.

Do you know any caching c# library that can be used with these patterns? I haven't been able to find anything myself.


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what s the question exactly? There is no in memory caching package out there as far as i know. except the blogs you can see. Proxy with lazy is the way to go. Also set expiry on the cache items. and if you are limiting the cache size, do LRU impl for eviction of cache items. – DarthVader Feb 28 '12 at 1:04
Rephrased the question. I hope that it is clear now. – costa Feb 28 '12 at 1:13
I don't understand how would keeping the ids in the cache help. You would need to go to the database to retrieve the actual data anyway. – svick Feb 28 '12 at 1:20
If you need to access more of T then you can keep in memory then you're starting to sound like memcached/memcachedb/RavenDB is the sort of thing you're looking for. An ORM like RavenDB would almost definitely cover your bases here I think. – Russ Clarke Feb 28 '12 at 1:22
Difference between a distributed cache to in-memory cache is you dont have any network latency. But you have other problems. This is a very big topic, it s better if you code and experience, solve problems. Check out in-memory caching. – DarthVader Feb 28 '12 at 1:30

What you're looking for is a database. Database engines are made to keep key tables and object tables separate. (If you're not familiar with that concept, search the web for information on database indexing, primary keys, etc.) They're also made to keep pages of the keys tables in RAM and recently used objects in RAM. In fact, many database engines allow you to configure how much of each you keep in RAM. I think you should use Sqlite with a lightweight ORM (like Dapper or ServiceStack.OrmLite or one of a bazillion others). Sqlite has a parameter to turn off disk synchronicity and two other parameters to adjust the amount of data in RAM. See the info here:

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