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I can't be the only person to have ever wondered this, but I couldn't find the question answered anywhere else on the site. I've successfully requested specific files from sites by sending HTTP requests (in ruby with sockets). I don't know, however, how to find out what file a site's homepage is located in to start with. I think this question is fairly clear, but just in case:


require 'socket'

s = TCPSocket.new("www.example.edu", 80)
s.print("GET /index.html HTTP/1.0\r\n\r\n")

while (t = s.recv(50))
        print t

exit 0

That's what does work, but what I would like to do is get a homepage without knowing its file name beforehand. Anyone know? Thanks in advance!

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It works the other way around: you request just / (i.e. GET / HTTP/1.1) and then the webserver decides to lookup index.html. Or any other document/script/whatever that has been configured.

This often happens to be index.html, but is not necessarily so. Often it will be index.php or similar.

My default apache configuration says:

DirectoryIndex index.html index.cgi index.pl index.php index.xhtml index.htm

I could put anything in there.

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Wow, thanks. That's so much simpler than I thought it would be. –  timmmay Feb 28 '12 at 1:58

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