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I am grabbing all the checked checkboxes' values and passing to the URL and on button click, page reloads and pulls up all the results based on the passed querystring. What I couldn't do is maintain the checked state of the checkboxes after the page reloads as I have no server saide code access. Everything is done on the client side. This is how I am grabbing the values and passing to the URL:

var checkboxValues = $("input[name=LocType]:checked").map(function() {
        return "\"" + $(this).val() + "\"";}).get().join(" OR ");

    window.location= url+checkboxValues;

Now on the click of GO button, the page reloads with URL Like this."Hospital" OR "Office" OR "Facility" if those three checkboxes are checked...and pulls up the results based on the selection. I am trying to grab the querystring after k= and use that to set the checked state of the respectiv checkboxes to TRUE so they remain checked...

It's not working and I am not able to figure out why?

var checkedOnes = decodeURI(location.href.match(/\&k\=(.+)/)[1]).split(" OR ");
var $checkBoxes = $('input[name=LocType]');
$.each(checkedOnes, function(i, val){
    $checkBoxes.filter('value=[' + $.trim(val.replace(/\"/g, '')) +']').prop('checked', true);

The above code is inside document.ready(){} and the array checkedOnes returns values as: Hospital OR Office OR Facility...

 <div class="LocTypeChkBoxesSearch">
    <div class="LocTypeChkBoxes">
        <input name="LocType" type="checkbox" value="Hospital"/>HOSPITALS&#160;&#160;
        <input name="LocType" type="checkbox"  value="Office"/>  PHYSICIAN OFFICES&#160;&#160;
        <input name="LocType" type="checkbox"  value="Emergency"/>EMERGENCY CENTERS&#160;&#160;
        <input name="LocType" type="checkbox"  value="Out-Patient"/>OUT-PATIENT CENTERS&#160;&#160;
        <input name="LocType" type="checkbox" value="Facility"/>FACILITIES
    <div class="searchBtnHolder"><a class="searchButton" href="#" type="submit" ><span>GO</span></a></div>
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what version of jquery? if before 1.6, consider using .attr instead of .prop. – imm Feb 28 '12 at 2:35
Check the selector with alert($checkBoxes.filter('value=[' + $.trim(val.replace(/\"/g, '')) +']').length); in the $.each loop. – Beetroot-Beetroot Feb 28 '12 at 3:26

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