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I am grabbing all the checked checkboxes' values and passing to the URL and on button click, page reloads and pulls up all the results based on the passed querystring. What I couldn't do is maintain the checked state of the checkboxes after the page reloads as I have no server saide code access. Everything is done on the client side. This is how I am grabbing the values and passing to the URL:

var checkboxValues = $("input[name=LocType]:checked").map(function() {
        return "\"" + $(this).val() + "\"";}).get().join(" OR ");

    window.location= url+checkboxValues;

Now on the click of GO button, the page reloads with URL Like this. http://mysite.com/results.aspx?k="Hospital" OR "Office" OR "Facility" if those three checkboxes are checked...and pulls up the results based on the selection. I am trying to grab the querystring after k= and use that to set the checked state of the respectiv checkboxes to TRUE so they remain checked...

It's not working and I am not able to figure out why?

var checkedOnes = decodeURI(location.href.match(/\&k\=(.+)/)[1]).split(" OR ");
var $checkBoxes = $('input[name=LocType]');
$.each(checkedOnes, function(i, val){
    $checkBoxes.filter('value=[' + $.trim(val.replace(/\"/g, '')) +']').prop('checked', true);

The above code is inside document.ready(){} and the array checkedOnes returns values as: Hospital OR Office OR Facility...

 <div class="LocTypeChkBoxesSearch">
    <div class="LocTypeChkBoxes">
        <input name="LocType" type="checkbox" value="Hospital"/>HOSPITALS&#160;&#160;
        <input name="LocType" type="checkbox"  value="Office"/>  PHYSICIAN OFFICES&#160;&#160;
        <input name="LocType" type="checkbox"  value="Emergency"/>EMERGENCY CENTERS&#160;&#160;
        <input name="LocType" type="checkbox"  value="Out-Patient"/>OUT-PATIENT CENTERS&#160;&#160;
        <input name="LocType" type="checkbox" value="Facility"/>FACILITIES
    <div class="searchBtnHolder"><a class="searchButton" href="#" type="submit" ><span>GO</span></a></div>
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what version of jquery? if before 1.6, consider using .attr instead of .prop. –  imm Feb 28 '12 at 2:35
Check the selector with alert($checkBoxes.filter('value=[' + $.trim(val.replace(/\"/g, '')) +']').length); in the $.each loop. –  Beetroot-Beetroot Feb 28 '12 at 3:26
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