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For fun i'd like to write code that runs on OSless hardware. I think writing code that will run in a VM (like VMware or virtualbox) would be good. However i don't want to start from scratch. I'd like the C++ runtime to be available. Something that allows me to read/write (maybe FAT32 filesystem code). Graphics for text and if i can graphics for drawing on screen (pixel by pixel. sdl support would be a bonus but not essential).

I'll write my own threads if i want them. I'll write everything else (that i want to use) needed for an OS. I just want a basic filesystem, gfx and keyboard/mouse support.

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Linux is good :) Apart from that, I only know about Singularity and CosmOS - those are for .NET, though. – Ryan O'Hara Feb 28 '12 at 2:41
What are you up to, anyway? You're asking some interesting questions. Anyway, check out – Dagg Nabbit Feb 28 '12 at 3:51

Take a look at the list of projects on - ( - most of these are hobbyist, open-source and range from just-a-bootsector through to proper threads/graphics/terminal support.

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Minix3 targets your desires pretty well.

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You should definitely take a look at OSKit (links to source code on this site are dead but there is a mirror here). Unfortunately, OSKit has no support for C++ but using this information you may be able to use GCC libraries.

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