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I'm currently working with jQuery mobile and have a quick question on how DOM in general works. Currently, I bind events to elements on a page that was loaded via AJAX (page is inject into the DOM).

When a page transitions, according to the jQuery Mobile docs, jQuery mobile removes the page from DOM.

Do I need to worry about unbinding jQuery events to elements that are no longer in DOM existence? When I change a page via ajax, am I assured that the GC will clean up my bindings?

TLDR: When elements that were binded with jQuery [ $(...).on("click" ...); ] are removed from the DOM, do we have to worry about unbinding the events? Or does javascript automagically know to remove those events?

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When you change pages, the browser will clean up everything from the previous page - you don't have to worry about that.

In jQuery, if you use jQuery's .remove() method to take something out of the DOM, then jQuery will clean up for you. If you don't use .remove() and remove the DOM element manually, then it's possible that some jQuery state will not get cleaned up properly (like .data() info for example).

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