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I have a sample table record like this:

AutoID  ReceiptNo  Outlet_Code  
    1       SUN12        Store X     
    3       SUN12        Store X     
    4       ART123       Store y

I would like to select a top 1 with ties based on Outlet_Code with Distinct on the ReceiptNo such that in this case, my result will be:

Store X / Store Y

because I should read the 2 Store X records as 1 as they have the same receiptNo.

This is a portion of my query:

SELECT TOP 1 WITH TIES (Outlet_Code)                  
From [Trans] T                 
WHERE T.CardNo IN (Select [CardNo] From [Card]                
                         Where  [MemberID] = 
                         (Select [ID] From [Member]  Where [autoid] = @MemAutoID ))   
GROUP BY Outlet_Code     
ORDER BY Count(T.Outlet_Code) Desc 
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What's wrong with the query you already have? Does it give the wrong result? Does it give an error message? – Cheran Shunmugavel Feb 28 '12 at 4:02

Ewww... Subqueries... Would this work for you?

FROM [Trans] T, [Card] C, [Member] M
WHERE T.CardNo = C.CardNo
AND C.MemberID = M.ID
AND M.autoid = @MemAutoID
ORDER BY Count(T.Outlet_Code) Desc 

Or the less lazy way...

FROM [Trans] AS T
JOIN  [Card] AS C ON (T.CardNo = C.CardNo)
JOIN [Member] AS M ON (C.MemberID = M.ID)
WHERE M.autoid = @MemAutoID
ORDER BY Count(T.Outlet_Code) Desc 
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Ewww... implicit joins from 1987? Strongly recommend sticking to proper INNER JOIN syntax. – Aaron Bertrand Feb 28 '12 at 4:32
Fine.... Fixed. – copjon Feb 28 '12 at 16:07

I don't know if i understand you correctly but how about using DISTINCT?

SELECT DISTINCT Outlet_Code FROM tableName
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Your GROUP BY clause correct, but in the ORDER BY clause must use a distinct column value ReceiptNo

SELECT TOP 1 WITH TIES Outlet_Code                  
FROM [Trans] T                 
                   SELECT c.[CardNo]
                   FROM [Card] c JOIN [Member] m ON c.[MemberID] = m.ID                
                   WHERE m.[autoid] = @MemAutoID                   
GROUP BY T.Outlet_Code     

Demo on SQLFiddle

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