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I have a requirement very similar as in http://www.webappers.com/2009/06/04/how-to-implement-docking-functionality-with-jquery/

The problem I am facing is that I have a TreeView control inside one of the TABS and the treeview renders as UL and LI on the DOM. I was trying to use a div instead of ul & li as mentioned in the above link, but to find the whole menu is getting messed up. I did try using the other example "Pin Menu" using JQuery but the problem with this is that the TAB is not moving on the right correctly. Can anyone help me on this ! I am stuck for the last 5 hours on this. I need to have a vertical menu on the left side of the screen and the menu needs to roll over towards right and user can basically dock/undock the menu. Any help is really appreciated.

Thanks Anirban

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I solved this using jquery Ui layout


Thanks, Anirban

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