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I am trying a build a filter string for a Virtual table and would like underscore (_) to be a literal character and cannot figure out the escape character. Following are few that I tried and failed miserably:

VTAllDocs.Filter :='FILE_NAME like '+QuotedStr(MQDRegister.FieldByName('DOC_ID').AsString+'%\_REV%');


VTAllDocs.Filter :='FILE_NAME like '+QuotedStr(MQDRegister.FieldByName('DOC_ID').AsString+'%[_]REV%');


VTAllDocs.Filter :='FILE_NAME like '+QuotedStr(MQDRegister.FieldByName('DOC_ID').AsString+'*\_REV*');


VTAllDocs.Filter :='(FILE_NAME like '+QuotedStr(MQDRegister.FieldByName('DOC_ID').AsString+'%^_REV%)+' ESCAPE "^")';

Really appreciate your help.

Thank you.

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Never mind..

Contacted DevArt support desk and they said there is no escape character for underscore (_), so now I loop through the rows and do the checking manually.

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