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My issue is summed up nicely here, which also proposes a solution. Problem is stated solution requires access to the code, and I'm only working with a binary distribution of the software. Anyone know what else I can do, if there's a jar file I can download from somewhere/add to classpath? There's various versions of XercesImpl.jar that I've tried, all resulting in various other errors. Any help greatly appreciated!

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The problem is not described and I cannot access the link. – jschreiner Jun 29 '15 at 13:15

Apache Jena currently depends (at compile and runtime) on Apache Xerces (i.e. xerces:xercesImpl:2.10.0) therefore Apache Xerces cannot be removed without source code changes.

Xerces is used for RDF/XML parsing and for Datatypes.

In an ideal world, the RDF/XML parsing could be in a separate module (i.e. jena-rdfxml) which would continue to depend on Apache Xerces and the Datatypes would need to be reimplemented without relying on Apache Xerces. This way, you could use a jena-core module with no support for RDF/XML and not dependency on Apache Xerces.

May I ask you why you need or want to remove xercesImpl.jar from your classpath?

See also:

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reason for this is because the code I was using assumed no XercesImpl.jar was needed, and was provided by Java. the chlalnege was finding the right jar, which I finally did, perhaps original attempts were pre-version 2.10.0 – yodafan86 Mar 12 '12 at 18:22

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