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In one of my web application I have to show the image which selected for uploading before it uploaded to the server , using javascript .

I had this code ... It is working pretty well and fine in Mozilla . But not in Safari or Chrome .. Please help

// Handle file while select a new file

// handle files

function handleFiles(files) {

   for (var i = 0; i < files.length; i++) {
    var file = files[i];

    var imageType = /image.*/;

    if (!file.type.match(imageType)) {

     var img=document.getElementById('fake_img');
     img.src = file;
     img.onload = function() {


    var reader = new FileReader();
    reader.onload = (function(aImg) {
        return function(e) {
            aImg.src =;

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This code is working fine in chrome

Its shows the selected image in chrome & FF.


you can check file reader capability with following code

// Check for the various File API support.
if (window.File && window.FileReader && window.FileList && window.Blob) {
    // Great success! All the File APIs are supported.
    alert('The File APIs are fully supported in this browser.');
 } else {
    alert('The File APIs are not fully supported in this browser.');

In my safari it failed because of it is not supporting file API fully.

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