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I am able to scan and obtain a QR code using ZXING. Based on the QR code obtained, I would like to navigate to a website if it is a URL or add to the contacts if its a contact detail. Are there any functions available in ZXING to do validations on the scanned QR Code?

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Most definitely. Within core/ look at ResultParser (see This is where a raw result string is parsed into something structured. The Barcode Scanner source code in android/ has even more code that then ties in these results to platform actions.

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Yes. Somewhat beta, but should help you.

Oh sorry, now I got it. Basically a QR-Code is just a String with some fancy stuff arround. If your App scans a QR-Code via xzing, you should only get the information without the fancy stuff. But if its an URL or a Contact or something else you have to decide yourself programatically, because you can store every kind of information inside a QR-Code.

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Not quite, the library will also parse the string for you into a structured object. – Sean Owen Feb 28 '12 at 15:38

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