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I have an existing NHibernate application that was created in .NET 2, it's a WinForms app that has a separate DLL compiled for the data classes & all the hbm.xml files.

What I want to do now is show on the form which fields are not nullable, by changing the border to red.

Problem is I can't seem to find anywhere where I can cycle through the bound fields (that I can do) on the form, and read the not-null="false" (or true) parameter.

Any thoughts?

I am open to Fluent NHibernate, however this is a VB.NET app, and I am a Fluent Nhibernate noob :-)

Also open to other ways of doing this, as long as I can make them fit into the app reasonably well :-)


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You don't need to read the hbm.XML files directory as the SessionFactory contains MetaData regarding all mapped entities. One way to find all meta data for a entity is as follows;

After the SessionFactory has been built:-

var metaData = SessionFactory.GetClassMetadata(typeof(Model.Entities.Client));
for (int i = 0; i < metaData.PropertyNames.Length -1; i++)

In my case I get the following:-


Remember FALSE means NOT-NULL that is the property expects an entry

Another way is to add DataAnnotations to your model properties.

[Required(ErrorMessage = "You must supply a postcode")]
public virtual string Postcode { get; set; }

There are good articles on the internet to show you how to use this in a winforms project.

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Thanks, that worked perfectly. For those that have a requirement for VB.NET, here's the equivalent: Dim metaData As NHibernate.Metadata.IClassMetadata Dim tObjType As System.Type Dim i As Integer tObjType = Model.Entities.Client.GetType() metaData = classGlobal.tFactory.GetClassMetadata(tObjType) For i = 0 To metaData.PropertyNames.Length System.Diagnostics.Debug.Print(metaData.PropertyNames(i)) System.Diagnostics.Debug.Print(metaData.PropertyNullability(i).ToString()) Next Sorry about the formatting! –  Dominik Feb 28 '12 at 21:32

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