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Ok, so here's a tricky riddle I've been wrestling with today. First here is my controller:

@RequestMapping(value = "/batch/{itemIds:(?:[0-9]+[,]?)+}", method = RequestMethod.DELETE)
public void batchDeleteItem(
        @PathVariable String itemIds,
        Principal principal,
        HttpServletResponse httpServletResponse) throws CustomException {

    for (String itemIdString: itemIdString.split(",")) {
            itemId = Long.parseLong(itemIdString.trim());
        itemService.deleteItem(principal.getName(), itemId);


In case it's not obvious, the idea is to delete a bunch of items in one call to the controller. The above method works well for around 5 items, but when 6+ are specified the call times out. I've put logger statements in the controller code and they never even get printed! To put it another way,


  • curl -u test:pass 'http://localhost:8080/rest/item/batch/23,24,25,26,27' -X DELETE
  • Returns ACCEPTED
  • Items are deleted


  • curl -u test:pass 'http://localhost:8080/rest/item/batch/23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31,32,33' -X DELETE
  • Hangs forever (or the client times out)
  • Items are not deleted

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!


For now I'm working around the issue by having the client specify a CSV formatted body of the request (rather than in the URL itself). Unfortunately this means using HTTP PUT instead of HTTP DELETE. I'll still leave this question open if anyone can figure out what's going on.

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Can you make a thread dump and publish HTTP thread state (can be anonymized) while the server hangs? Use jstack, jvisualvm or jconsole. – Tomasz Nurkiewicz Feb 28 '12 at 9:05
not sure if this will help, but I would have used the regex \d+(?:,\d+)+ (a series of digits followed by one or more comma-digit-series-pairs) - at the very least, this would eliminate cases where there are no ids present from triggering the controller. – Code Jockey Feb 28 '12 at 13:24
@CodeJockey that's a much prettier regex, but wouldn't the + in [0-9]+ force there to be at least one id present? I'm still taking your regex btw :-) – Joe Feb 28 '12 at 14:55
As it so happens, I did in fact make an error with my original suggestion: I would use \d+(?:,\d+)* (otherwise you need at least two ids) – Code Jockey Feb 28 '12 at 19:48
To answer your question, Yes! it would force there to be at least one ID - I wrote "this would eliminate cases where there are no ids present from triggering the controller" - I assumed that since it appears to be designed to delete things, the controller would not need to run if there were no id numbers provided (nothing to delete) - if that is not the case, then you could change the first + to a * (\d*(?:,\d+)*), which gives the potential side effect of allowing a leading empty string for the first id slot (e.g. allowing .../batch/,24,25,26) – Code Jockey Feb 28 '12 at 19:51

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