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I have a question. If I am developing an information system I need methodologies such as RUP, agile methods, or waterfall. But If I am only testing image processing filters and measuring its effectiveness, is it necessary to define such things in a scientific work, is there something like "model/methodology of scientific software development"? I think use OOP and UML in that is like try to fit a camel through the eye of a needle.

I am reading this, but I'd like know your opinion.

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Yes, there is a methodology for scientific software development as the one proposed by the author of the referenced article at the end of your question. It is worth to note that there are several problems with your questions. You want opinions about a vague question and your first assumption that a methodology is required to develop information system is wrong - most of software development does not use any formal methodology. Programmers love to write code but they do not care/like to follow methodologies. Finally, I think that good techniques for software development are very well applied to scientific software development, but it is always possible to specialize them for the domain; and scientists love to publish papers about any improvement.

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