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I have a problem executing my java sample "hello world" program outside Eclipse while Eclipse can execute it whenever I push the Run menu button. So I want to know the command line Eclipse uses to execute the java program.

Thank you in advance.

Edit : I found that the problem occurs when I put a package declaration in the java file. Must not you put a package declaration in the main class?

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just do javac and java Myprog in your command prompt. – RanRag Feb 28 '12 at 6:42
try "java helloworld" in your console where helloworld is your compiled class file ? – Jasonw Feb 28 '12 at 6:43
To run your class having main method(...), which is a part of a package. You run it on command prompt like this java packagename.subpackagenameifany.NameOfTheClassHavingTheMainMethod Press Enter after writing that. – nIcE cOw Feb 28 '12 at 14:07
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You can check the other parameters arguments, classpath, environment variables etc. that eclipse might be using to compile your program, from the Run Configurations window, which appears as a dropdown when you click the drop-down button next to the Run button in eclipse.

EDIT: to get the full command line, you can open the Debug view from Window>Show View>Other.... Right click on the last launch and go to properties. Eclipse will list the exact command line.

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Your edit is a great answer, thank you! Gives me all the details of classpath and system props set in cmd line. – medloh Apr 3 '14 at 18:17

The thing is Eclipse uses (by default) different directories for source and object files. If you want to execute a particular java file from the command line, you can either compile it by going inside your workspace directory/src directory and hit javac <MyClass>.java and then do java MyClass.

Or since it works in eclipse, you can go inside the 'bin' directory inside your workspace and do a java MyClass which will execute your pre compiled class.

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