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I need to use transactions in a project and it seams that they just want not to work :D Within navicat editor i wrote this lines:

SET autocommit=1;

select * from product where deleted=0 and name='Juice Coke';

insert into product(name, fk_category, fk_packaging, fk_stock, active, decimals, price, has_special_price, special_price_description, added_date, deleted) 
values ('qaaaJuice Coke','2','4','1','1','2','100.244','1','DESC SPECIAL PRICE','2012-02-28 08:26:47', 0 );

select * from product where deleted=0 and name='Juice Pepsi';

However it does not make rollback and the insertion remains in table. Do I need to make some changes on database properties or why do you think it does not work? Thanks, adrian

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what's the product table's storage engine? Transactions are currently supported by InnoDB only. –  Mchl Feb 28 '12 at 6:56
is MyIsam, ah only innoDb ...ok, thanks I will make now modifications –  Alexa Adrian Feb 28 '12 at 7:00

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Among storage engines shipped with MySQL only InnoDB tables currently support transactions. Change your table's storage from MyISAM to InnoDB

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Heh. You should disable autocommit.

SET autocommit=0;
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BEGIN; disables autocommit (which is set to 1 by default anyway) –  Mchl Feb 28 '12 at 7:26

You have the autocommit feature enabled on the first line. It finishes the transaction as soon as the database table is updated in any way. Set it to SET autocommit=0; and your transactions should be fine!

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