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I just want to known which one will be fast of strpos()/stripos() or preg_match() functions in php.

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Benchmarking is a tricky business, but it's fairly safe to say that preg_match is slower than strpos or stripos. This is because the PRCE functions implement a REGEX engine that is much more powerful and flexible than the string functions.

They also do different things. strpos will tell you the index of the start of the string inside another string, whereas preg_match is mainly used to probe the format of a string, and to retrieve sections of it based on regular expressions.

In short, if you simply want to find a string inside another string, use strpos or stripos.

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preg_match is the slowest of the three. stripos will be slower than strpos, since it will have to do extra work to handle case-insensitive matching.

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