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I am new to MDX, I have a requirement, which is using the measure on that Saturday as the default of that week, I have a time dimension [CALENDAR], but there are multiple hierachies, different hierachies have different week start, that means in [CALENDAR].[h1].[DATE], the week start may be Thursday(weekday in nature calendar), in the other may be Sunday(in nature calendar), so I have to using [CALENDAR].[DATE], which is nature calendar, I can get the corresponding Saturday,

   with member measures.[Weekday]
   as datepart('w',[CALENDAR].[Fiscal].currentmember)
   member measures.[SatDay]
   as dateadd('d'

   [Measures].[Plan Count]
   }    on 0,
  [CALENDAR].[Fiscal].[Date]   on 1
  from [MyCube]

but how can I the measure on that day?

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Try a sub-select using your date hierarchy containing week (Year-Week-Date).

with     member [Measures].[WeekDate] as 
        dateadd('d' ,7 - datepart('w',[Dim Date].[Year -  Week -  Date].currentmember.MemberValue)
                                   ,[Dim Date].[Year -  Week -  Date].currentmember.MemberValue)

select {[Measures].[WeekDate], [Measures].[Plan Count]} on 0,
        [Dim Date].[Year -  Week -  Date].Children on 1
from (
    select ([Dim Date].[Year -  Week -  Date].[Week]) on 0
    from [cube]
    where (
        //filters if necessary
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