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please consider that this is my first very post and that I´m a newcomer in C#

I'm creating a UserControl with several pictureBoxes. These objects are automatically named pictureBox1, pictureBox2, pictureBox3 and so on.

Now i want to change the associated image by clicking:

pictureBox1.Image = Properties.Resources.i51; 

so far, so good. But how to assigne the number without writing a single line for each event?

pictureBox(1).Image = Properties.Resources.i51;

doesn´t work, and lots of others don´t too.

any hint? Many thanks in advance!

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Fill all your picture boxes into a list like msmolka already provided and also add a ReadyOnlyCollection to it:

private List<PictureBox> _PictureBoxes;
private ReadOnlyCollection<PictureBox> _PictureBoxesReadOnly;

Instantiate it within the constructor:

public MyUserControl()
     _PictureBoxes = new List<PictureBox>();
     _PictureBoxesReadOnly = _PictureBoxes.AsReadOnly();

And make the ReadOnlyCollection only available as IList:

public IList<PictureBox> PictureBoxes
    get { return _PictureBoxesReadOnly; }

This is (in my eyes) better than the approach from msmolka. For making it perfect i would also not give the whole PictureBoxes to the outer world, but instead only the Images as a BindingList. But i think for a beginner you can start with the above and maybe improve this stuff later.

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If you would extend it to a BindingList<Image> this would be only internally. To the outer world it would stay as an IList<Image>, but now people could add, remove, etc. the list and you could react on these events to manage your picture boxes at runtime. – Oliver Mar 6 '12 at 15:51

You can create list of picture boxes on your user control:

List<PictureBox> boxes = new List<PictureBox>();

Now after picture boxes initializes in constructor add them to list:


Now make it visible byu public property:

public List<PictureBox> Boxes
       return this.boxes;

Now you can assign in your class by:

Boxes[0].Image = Properties.Resources.i51;
Boxes[1].Image = Properties.Resources.i51;

If all is happeining in the same class, you don't need to create above public property.

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You can use FindControl for things like that, for example:

int iControlNum = 1;
PictureBox pb = this.FindControl("pictureBox" + iControlNum.ToString())
                as PictureBox;
pb.Image = ...;
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it seems that the FindControl doesnt work in WinForms – FranzQ Mar 3 '12 at 18:10

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