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When I try to create an alias

    my-alias = submodule foreach 'git foo ; git bar'

Git (version 1.7.1) spews the error

user@host:/path/repo.git$ git my-alias
error: unclosed quote
fatal: Bad alias.my-alias string

It appears that .gitconfig uses weird parsing rules, so that ; is treated as starting a line comment, even inside of a quote.

How do I specify this alias?

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Wrap the entire alias command in double quotes:

my-alias = "submodule foreach 'git foo ; git bar'"

The double quotes cause the .gitconfig parser to pass the semicolon. The single quotes are still needed to delimit the argument to submodule foreach; without them, it gets parsed as

submodule foreach 'git foo'
git bar

so that git bar only gets executed once, at the end.

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You need to use doublequotes (") rather than singlequotes (').

    foo = "submodule foreach 'echo foo; echo bar'"
    bar = submodule foreach 'echo foo; echo bar'

$ git foo
$ git bar
fatal: Bad alias.bar string: unclosed quote
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That doesn't quite work; echo bar only gets executed once at the end. –  Mechanical snail Feb 28 '12 at 8:33
Try using doublequotes to wrap the entire alias value instead. –  Amber Feb 28 '12 at 8:36

Not sure if this is related to the semicolon, but here goes - here is another test for git alias, using bash:

        testbash = "!bash -c \"ix=1; echo a\\$ix\""


$ git testbash 

Any other form of escape gives me either plain old "fatal: bad config file line", or “Unterminated quoted string” or “unexpected EOF” (see also shell - Calling bash from sh (dash) with commands read from args, and "Unterminated quoted string"/"unexpected EOF" - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange)

Also for multiline:

  testbashm1 = "!bash -c \"ix=1; echo a\\$ix; \
echo b\\$ix \""
  testbashm2 = "!bash -c 'ix=1; echo a$ix; \
echo b$ix '"

... and add \n\ to the end of line, if you want to use inline bash comments (#):

  testbashm3 = "!bash -c 'ix=1; echo a$ix; \n\
    #echo b$ix ; \n\
    echo \"c$ix\" ; '"
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I have

  sm-clean-all = "submodule foreach --recursive 'git clean -fXd'"
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