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I've been bitten in the past by Page.RegisterClientScriptBlock-registered JS not being emitted in a stable order from machine to machine in the bad old .Net 1.1 days. Now, I'm writing a set of user controls that use <asp:ScriptManager/> to reference JS, and although I haven't had any problems so far - order always seems to be conserved between <asp:ScriptReference> tags - I'm feeling a bit shy about it. MSDN seems silent on the topic, and various bloggers seem to indicate ordering is stable in .Net 2.0+, but I haven't found any definitive reference.

Does one exist? Is the order of inclusion of scripts I observe on my development machine guaranteed to be the one I'll see in all other contexts the webapp runs?

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Further analysis concludes that the answer is that they are, at least in my particular production and development environments.

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