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In rails, I've got this checkbox tag, where the checked value should be true if an element is included in post array.

- checked = (params[:comments] && params[:comments][:pictures] && params[:comments][:pictures].include?(comment.id))
=check_box_tag "comments[pictures][]", comment.id, checked

The checked part looks very ugly. How to catch the error if params[:comments] or params[:comments][:pictures] is not set? I tried

- checked = (params[:comments][:pictures].include?(comment.id)) || false

But it does not work.

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I would recommend you to install simple_form and use:

= simple_form_for @comment do |f|
  = f.association :pictures, :as => 'boolean'
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You could merge in a hash of default values, and then you are sure there's a params[:comments][:pictures] value (an empty array in this instance):

params = {:comments => {:pictures => []}}.merge(params)
checked = params[:comments][:pictures].include?(comment.id)
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BTW That's code off the top of my head, please excuses typos or syntax errors - check the API for the use of .merge to make sure I got it the right way round ;-) –  Pavling Feb 28 '12 at 11:33

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