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I am trying to write a winscp script. I tried the example at, http://winscp.net/eng/docs/guide_automation#modifying_the_script_automatically

but the parameter value is not taken by the script. Any help would be welcome.


when the script is invoked as,

winscp.com /script=testscript /parameter param1

the following occurs, First,

Searching for host
host not found

is displayed. Followed by, actually connecting to the host using the "open command" but the parameter is never substituted. It still displays as '%1'

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Not sure you still need this information but the proper syntax in the winscp script file would be %1% and not %1. –  user2214111 Mar 27 '13 at 3:19
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I don't know which example you are talking about but I will show you some sample code that I have. I hope it helps. This code is all located in a .bat file.

In this example, a variable %folder% is made with the name of today's date in the format of 2/28/2012. I then ask the user for their username and it gets saved in the variable %username%, same with %password%. I then used the %folder% variable to make a directory with a folder named %folder%.

Now we dive into actual 'WinSCP Code'.

I then located the path towards my WinSCP.exe and then called console. After console was called, I connected to my WinSCP server using the 'open' command and the %Username% and %Password% variables.

set folder=%date:~4,2%-%date:~7,2%-%date:~10,4%

SET /P username="Enter Username: "
IF "%username%"=="" GOTO Error

SET /P password="Enter Password: "

rem -- Clear Screen to hide password

IF "%password%"=="" GOTO Error
    md C:\Logs\%folder%\int-rpt01\
    "C:\""Program Files""\WinSCP\WinSCP.exe" /console /command "option batch abort" 
    "option confirm off" "open sftp://%username%:%password%@server.server.net:22"
    "get /opt/ibm/cognos/c10_64/logs/cogserver.* C:\CogServerLogs\%folder%\int-rpt01\" "exit"

I hope this helps. Any more information on which example you are using and or how you are using it would be appreciated.

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Hi, thanks for your reply. But the "/parameter" and "%1%" didn't work for me. –  digdug Feb 28 '12 at 14:10
:I've updated the question –  digdug Feb 28 '12 at 14:18
I would try /parameter=param1 or just param1 –  Zack Feb 28 '12 at 14:26
Tried that too but didn't work. –  digdug Feb 28 '12 at 15:06
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To pass your parameter to open command follow it by %1%:

open %1%

Refer to:

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For reference, since I just landed here when attempting to work this out myself, the syntax should be:

In your script file: put "%1%" %2%

and then call it from the command line with winscp.com /script=script.file /parameter foo.txt bar/

This will resolve the script to put "foo.txt" bar/

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