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Lets say you have 3 swf files in a directory:


1.swf 2.swf 3.swf

What I need to do, is package these up into a SWC File, and then move that SWC file to the libs/ directory.

I plan to use ant, so this step must always occur before the compliation stage.

Today I use a VBS file to generate a XML file. Then I use that XML file to generate a AssetMap which is a series of [Embeds] (1.swf, 2.swf, 3.swf) which are ByteArrays.

I then pass these byte arrays to a loader.loabytes to generate a MovieClip.

But this "real time bytearray conversion" as far too slow. Id prefer I could have direct access to instances like I do with a SWC.

Can anyone offer me advice?

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