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Hope someone can lead me in the right direction for this. I'm looking to develop a system to allow remote control of access on a tablet. The best example of this would be in education; a teacher is going through some interactive slides with their class, everyone is looking at this on a tablet. The teacher would then disable a button or interactive element from their device which in turn will disable it on other devices too.

Is there any backend system I could build on that isn't flash/flex based that would be ideal for this kind of system?

I would love to stick to HTML5/AJAX for the front end but the backend is my big issue.

Many thanks!

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Not sure if this will help you, but there are many platforms which do the stuff which you are asking for.

Basically you are looking for MBaaS, and few names which I know are

Generally these services are provided using RESTful APIs.

Hope this info helps you.

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You can use a cloud backend service such as Backbeam https://backbeam.io In this service you have a real-time API that fits very well for your needs


Take also a look to the JavaScript micro-SDK that has that functionality


And finally take a look to the web development documentation.


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