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I'm using FOSUserBundle in my application. I would like to do two things via HTTP services:

  1. Check password. The service could look like this (the password wouldn't be encrypted):

    public function checkPasswordValidity($userId, $password) {
        $user = $this->getDoctrine()
        if (specialFunction($user , $password))
            echo 'Valid Password';
            echo 'Invalid Password';
  2. Create a new user via another HTTP service. The parameters would be the username and the password.

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  1. Check password:

    $encoder_service = $this->get('security.encoder_factory');
    $encoder = $encoder_service->getEncoder($user);
    $encoded_pass = $encoder->encodePassword($password, $user->getSalt());
    //then compare    $user->getPassword() and $encoded_pass
  2. Create a new user:

    $userManager = $this->get('fos_user.user_manager');
    $user = $userManager->createUser();
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This didn't work for me. The encoded password and password in the database were different. – Michael Cole Jun 13 '14 at 17:43

For me works:

$encoder_service = $this->get('security.encoder_factory');
$encoder = $encoder_service->getEncoder($user);
if ($encoder->isPasswordValid($user->getPassword(), $password, $user->getSalt()) {}

I did not test second question, but I think it is answered already.

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