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I can't seem to disable annotations for the plus1 button on iPhone and Android. I tried:

<g:plusone size='tall' data-annotation='none'></g:plusone>"

as well as just

"annotation='none' "

Both work fine on desktops, but both show annotations on mobiles. Is this just me or are other having the same issues?

Example Link: http://filmandmusic.mobi/song/101

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Change it back to <g:plusone size="tall" annotation="none"></g:plusone>. I see the annotation on the desktop with data-annotation. If it still shows with annotations on mobile create a bug report. http://bugpl.us/new

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Changed it back - makes no difference as per my initial post. Thanks for the bug report link. –  Rid Iculous Feb 28 '12 at 23:54

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