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I'm sorry for asking a really stupid question, but since facebook changes its ways of developing and creating almost everything, I see no other way, but asking here.

I have a very simple task to perform, I created about 7 static HTML page on our server and I'd like to build them into an iframe, displayed in page tabs. So a New Tab for every page.

I allready created the tab, and the tab does pull the content from our server, but I have absolutely no Idea how to add this app to the page?

On the left side of the page, there allready are some frequently used apps, like flickr, rss-blog, youtube etc, if I click on "edit", I can only adjust those apps and remove them, but I have no possibility to add a new app. Am I missing anything? Every existing tutorial is about one or two years ol - and since facebook constantly changes those things, they are completely worthless.

thanks for the help!

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up vote 2 down vote accepted<app_id>&next=<app_url>
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